From Today’s Onion

In order to boost available content, America Online is preparing to offer downloads of old television programs like Welcome Back, Kotter and Chico And The Man. What do you think?

Jesse Glass,
“Ah, the memories. Nothing says ‘My parents are getting divorced’ like the Kotter theme song.”

That about sums it up.

2 Replies to “From Today’s Onion”

  1. “Finally, the computer reaches its true potential: It’s a television!”

    I’d like to hammer this one over the head of about a half-a-dozen people I know who can’t see the giant disconnect in their marketing-department-induced convergence fantasies.

  2. Well, from the perspective of a “television” company, it looks like every device, from a computer to a phone to a car, can only realize its true potential as a television. But as some Buddhist teachers point out, you can either pull the rug out from under your illusions or you can wait and let reality do it for you.

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