Before I Go

Apple released some more free GarageBand loops for .mac members this week. They’re all symphony pieces. After a walk down to the river with Olive and my wife–on which I took a few pictures–I threw together “Viola Song” (a lame allusion to Nick Drake‘s “Cello Song,” which is actually good) in an attempt to catch my mood–a little somber, a little sprightly; a little Eastern, a little Western; a little acoustic, a little electronic. Give it a listen.

2 Replies to “Before I Go”

  1. You should get a little one octave keyboard/midi interface. MIDI is addictive as hell. Especially hitting the MIDI Database and assigning the instruments to soft synths like Reason or I think even Garageband. I’d think you’d have a ball with it.

  2. I dunno… If I had to actually physically make the music myself, I don’t think it would go so well. I prefer to rely on the dexterity and rhythmic skills of others.

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