It’s Better Than an Infection?

I just saw my ear doctor for the first time since his accident. He looked fine, which I found heartening. He didn’t get up from his rolling chair as he would normally, and he had a nurse to hand him things, but other than that, he showed no ill effects of his broken hip or subsequent surgery. Fourteen months into this process, I’m doing less well.

First and foremost, there’s no infection of any kind in my ear. But there’s also no real progress on that last quarter of the tissue becoming proper skin. He kept mixing his message. He would say that it looks great, but then he’d say that we’ve gotten to this point before. He would say that for anyone else, he would just let this be and it would heal, but then he’d say that for me, he just doesn’t know. He refused to say how much longer I could expect this to take, but he did say that the coming cooler, drier weather should work in my favor.

For now, it’s keep the ear dry and puff Crazy Sam’s Good Time Magic Powder® in my ear every other day, and check back in with the doctor in three weeks. I know it would be ridiculous to compare this increasingly endless seeming situation to being waterboarded, but I worry about the robustness of my nascent emotional health.

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  1. I hope the ear’s behaving itself. I know about that ‘endless seeming situation’ and the obsessive attention one pays to it as it unreels.

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