Common Sense

As Eric and others have described, Apple fanatics (long known for their level-headed reasonability) have become hysterical about the fact the Apple‘s new iPod nano gets scratched if it’s not properly protected. That a piece of plastic (and no matter how slickly styled it is, no matter how much it will enhance your life, the nano is just a piece of plastic) will get scratched in a pocket with keys, change, etc. shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, even the most dedicated Apple loyalist.

Knowing all of the forgoing, I decided, when I received my own nano, to go to the local Apple store and pick up a case for it. I ordered my nano a couple of weeks after they were first available, and it took a few weeks to be shipped, so I figured cases would be widely available by now. It turns out that the Apple stores don’t carry anything that can be used to protect a nano. You can order nano cases through Apple’s Web store, but the delivery times run from one to six weeks. And a search of the Web for nano cases from third parties was no more successful. I couldn’t find anything being released any earlier than next week, and several cases weren’t available until November.

So though I have little sympathy for someone who’s surprised that plastic stuffed into their pockets gets scratched, I’m puzzled by Apple’s decision to sell a piece of plastic that was meant to be stuffed into pockets months before the appropriate protection would be available. Perhaps this is just another example of Apple’s weirdly sadomasochistic relationship with its most devoted customers, but I’m surprised to find that such an odd little neurosis has survived Apple’s transformation from a niche computer maker into a mainstream consumer electronics company.

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  1. Woo-hoo! Bill’s iPod arrived here at work today. Damn it’s cute. I had to open it, knowing that after I give it to him I’m not likely to ever get a chance to hold it again. I’ll advise him to wrap it in a handerchief or something until he can get a case.


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