Be the Rigden

Since the inception of the medium, there have been a couple of very good Buddhist podcasts (the Infinite Smile podcast and the Zencast podcast), both of which are Zen-influenced and originate from the San Francisco Bay area, and I’ve been a regular listener to both since the beginning. Recently, Ethan Nichtern, a member of the Shambhala community in which I study and practice and also a teacher on his own, has begun offering the 21st Century Buddhism podcast, which is based in Tibetan Buddhism and originates from here in New York. It’s a valuable contribution to the the digital proliferation of this ancient tradition.

I’ve now heard a few different approaches to the introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, and I think Ethan’s is the most effective. From its first episode, his podcast starts from the beginning and proceeds clearly and steadily. He’s an excellent teacher. He manages to be true to the tradition in which he’s based while making the teachings accessible to those who have no background in that tradition. If you’re curious about Tibetan Buddhism, his podcast is a great place to start.

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