That Smell

Two weeks ago tonight, Manhattan was blanketed with the scent of pancakes. I first noticed it when I took Olive out for her last walk of the evening, and before the night was over, the smell had gotten so strong that I had trouble getting to sleep. That surprised me since whatever smells may be wafting around on the ground, we never smell anything twelve stories up. It was only the next morning that I discovered the extent of the phenomenon, and its cause is still undetermined.

Tonight, as I was taking Olive for her last walk, I noticed that smell again. I hadn’t noticed it when I got home around 8:30, so sometime in the last two hours, whatever happened two weeks ago happened again. I can’t imagine what’s causing this–it’s strangely pervasive and doesn’t seem to be coming from any particular direction or source–but I find it ironic that this is happening in New York at the same time that a much less pleasant stench has been spreading across the rest of the United States.

2 Replies to “That Smell”

  1. What were Olive’s thoughts on the smell? Dogs have way more sensitive noses than we do, you know. Also, what the hell were you doing blogging at four am?


  2. The times are UTC, so it was actually a little before 11:00 last night.

    Olive didn’t have any reaction that I could discern. But because the smell was so pervasive, I don’t what reaction she could have.


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