New Year, New WordPress

WordPress released WordPress 2 yesterday, so I thought I’d upgrade for the new year. The whole process, including back-ups and other administrative efforts, took less than an hour and went without a hitch. I haven’t encountered any problems with the site, comments, RSS feed, etc. If you see any problems, let me know.

I continue to be very impressed with WordPress, both the software and the organization. The instructions for the upgrade not only include all of the information anyone would need, but they’re structured in a way that allows people to see only the information they need. I’d like to reiterate my recommendation that anyone with a domain (or willing to get a domain) and a Weblog should give serious thought to WordPress. (I’d also like to throw in a plug for Transmit, by far the best FTP client I’ve seen for OS X–it’s one of only three pieces of shareware I’ve ever paid for.)

And I hope that 2006 continues in the same vein–easy, better, and shinier–for everyone. May everyone be happy, and may no one suffer.

3 Replies to “New Year, New WordPress”

  1. As I’m sure you know, there’s been another small migration from Salon & Loserland recently. I’m in the process of backing up files for a shift of base from pc to Mac laptop so I expect an RU breakdown at some point. Maybe I’ll have a go at WordPress when all goes tits up!

    Best wishes for a serene 2006, Morgan.


  2. PC to a Mac? That’s asking a lot of Radio. I wish you luck.

    But if you do run into trouble and decide to flee for your very sanity, I heartily recommend moving to WordPress. The transition might be bumpy, but it should be worth it in the end. If you do go down that road and you need any help, let me know.


  3. Dick, you should be fine. I did it. If I’d backed things up, I’d be aces now, but I am functional on a Mac coming from a PC. Once you get through the pains, it’s worthwhile.


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