I Won’t Be Needing That Anymore

I have a Master’s degree from Yale. It’s something I did when I was young and foolish, and beyond its maybe getting people to pay a little more attention to me in job interviews and the like than they might have otherwise, it hasn’t proven to be of much value. It certainly hasn’t been worth what I paid for it. But this event (“Blazers & Bling”!? seriously?) and its subsequent notice on Gawker have written off any value that might have remained. Can I take a tax deduction for this? Could I perhaps apply to Yale for some sort of refund?

4 Replies to “I Won’t Be Needing That Anymore”

  1. Yeah, I personally have never been real impressed with anyone coming out of Yale.

    Harvard, either, for that matter — especially since I’ve spent the better part of my working life defending my degree from a state school. My favorite quote during an interview at a Fortune 500 company, “What’s a smart girl like you doing going to a school like that?”


  2. Wait, that is not to say, of course, that I’m not impressed with YOU, Morgan, it’s just that I’m not impressed by Yale, on it’s own….oh, you know what I mean…


  3. Yeah, I long ago discarded the idea that the credentials have it. Especially after I meeting a fellow M.A. from the same grad school I attended whose area of specialization was Latin American studies, but she had never heard of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It was too depressing for words.


  4. That should of course read: “Especially after meeting a fellow M.A.”… The comment box runs off the screen when I type, so mistakes are inevitable it seems.


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