There Goes My Diet

Lenny’s, the makers of the best sandwiches in New York City, have, when I wasn’t looking, expanded beyond the Upper West Side. There used to be just one location a few blocks from our old apartment, and then they opened another a few blocks further down Columbus Avenue. After we moved, I stopped going there, but I happened to be in the neighborhood today, and I found out that they’re about to open (or have already opened) a location just five blocks from my office (as well as a few others around Manhattan), in what is otherwise a culinary wasteland. That would be good news, but it turns out that these are just the first steps of an effort to open franchises around the country, which seems likely to lead to something going wrong. I can’t think of anything worthwhile that’s survived franchising. But, hey, Tom Cruise and Bono like Lenny’s sandwiches, so you know they’re good for now.

One Reply to “There Goes My Diet”

  1. Come to think of it, we never did make it to Lenny’s when we were out there last fall. We hit Katz’s on the Lower East Side–probably a different animal, delicious in its way, as well, and wouldn’t franchise well, either.


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