Please Give

Short of being able to actually come into your living room, one hand out for donations and the other hand setting up a slide projector, I figure this entry is about as pushy as I can get. It’s time to raise money again for AIDS Walk New York. Please, if you can, donate here. And as in years past, I’ll match every dollar donated up to $500, so make it hurt. And thanks for your support–it’s deeply appreciated.

One of the many places your donation will be appreciated is Provincetown, one of the American communities hardest hit by the AIDS epidemic. Which brings us to my other hand. Here are my vacation snaps from this past week’s visit to Provincetown. Think of it as a reward for your donation, or think of it as yet another burden imposed upon you by this entry, but in either case, please give if you can.

3 Replies to “Please Give”

  1. Hi Morgan,

    Put me down for $20. I’ll send a check within the week.
    I didn’t donate online because I assumed I’d need to use my credit card. In my quirky system I like to keep all donations on check.

    Very beautiful pictures of Provincetown. I love the different viewpoints you selected.

    Take care,
    Hi to Donna


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