Stay on Target…

I saw the ear doctor this morning for a regularly scheduled follow up (as opposed to Monday morning’s panic visit), and things still look good. We’re not entirely sure what happened over the weekend. The pain, pressure, and heat I felt seem to have been related to the occasional TMJ issue on that side, which the Alleve I’ve been taking since Monday seems to have under control. And the “weeping” may just be the result of the eczema that I have in both ears, since both ears were weeping this morning. The hot, humid weather really doesn’t help with that, but it may not be a problem.

At this point, there’s no mucosa or granulation tissue in the ear. There’s just one small area dry skin hasn’t grown over yet, and that area is smaller than it was last week. If things continue this way, it should be healed over fully soon, and I’ll be home free. I’ve decided to be optimistic enough to aspire to swimming when we’re in Provincetown next month. We’re going earlier than usual this year (the Thursday after Labor Day), so the water should be as warm as it ever gets there. For years, I’ve wanted to take a dip in the pools behind the breakwater, but haven’t been able to because it’s been too cold or I’ve had to keep my ear dry. This may just be the year.

5 Replies to “Stay on Target…”

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re finally getting some relief. Keep positive and get lots of rest before your trip! I hope you get to swim in the waters you want to.


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