Snap Out of It

I think I’ll be better off once I’m back at work on Monday. I’ve been off since the day before Christmas, as we’ve been on an extended holiday, and I don’t do well with long periods of free, unstructured time. I become obsessed with small matters and fall prey to my imagination. After several days of dire premonitions and dread, I saw my ear doctor again today. My ears, both of them, are still suffering an extended bout of eczema and nothing more. There is no infection in my left ear, and despite the eczema, the healing of the graft continues to progress.

The doctor would like me to see a dermatologist to get some insight and advice on the eczema, but it’s tricky to find one with this particular sort of expertise. Skin inside the ear isn’t like other skin, at least not once something goes wrong with it. There was a dermatologist he used to trust with these sorts of issues, but he retired. His office manager suggested one I could try, but there’s no indication that he has this particular sort of expertise. I also asked the doctor about the ENT’s suggestion of an oral steroid, but he said he didn’t know enough about it to feel comfortable trying it. The good news is that even if we just have to wait out this eczema, it looks like the tissue will continue healing while we wait. And Monday I’ll be back at work and will have something to do with my mind.

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