Yes I Can?

…and just like that, the graft in my left ear has healed, at least for now. Like so many said yesterday, I thought this day would never come. But of course, though it has come, it hasn’t come simply. Yes, the surgery in my left ear is now fully healed. A thin layer of translucent dry skin now covers the last of the granulation tissue, and there’s no evidence of eczema in the left ear. This is still delicate and must be protected. There’s no eczema in the right ear, either, yet the condition of the ear canal is no better than it was ten days ago. And I suppose if I were to look at this rationally, I would be fairly concerned about that, as it could be construed as a threat to the one ear that really works at this point.

We’re going to protect the gains we’ve made in the left ear. I’ll use the drops for the rest of this week and continue to keep the ear dry. In the right ear, we’ll try something different, at least different for that ear, and that means resorting to the power of the powder once again. And I’ll have to continue to keep that ear dry as well. Keeping both ears dry is actually more than twice as difficult as keeping one ear dry, so I haven’t worked out in ten days and I feel it in my back. At some point I’ll get everything working properly all at the same time, but I’m not quite there yet. I probably haven’t been this close in eighteen months, though.

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