Next Year in San Francisco

In a comment to an entry in which I mentioned that I had a way for Mac-using Salon Webloggers who were no longer using Radio UserLand to have updates to their Weblogs noted on Salon’s Recently Changed Weblogs page, Anne asked if I could figure out a solution for Windows users as well. It occurred to me that I actually am a professional programmer, and I really should be able to handle this.

Looking at the AppleScript that I had appropriated from Christian Crumlish, I could see that this was really just a matter of making the appropriate XML-RPC call on Salon’s server. The structure of the call was clear in the AppleScript, so I just needed to find a way to make the call from a machine running Windows. Since I’m a Java programmer and Java runs on Windows, OS X, Linux, and other operating systems, I thought I’d start by looking for a Java library that did this. As I should have guessed, the Apache Foundation have just what I needed. So if Salon’s Recently Changed Weblogs page is updated for this post, you’ll know that I figured out how to use the library properly.

Assuming that works, I’ll try to build some sort of application that anyone running Windows, OS X, or Linux can use (provided they have Java installed on their computer). Once I have that, I’ll let you know, and then the diasporal Salon Weblogging community can reassemble.

And as a happy aside, I’ve gotten a comment and e-mail from Scott Rosenberg supporting this, so long as it doesn’t descend into this sort of Spam-addled chaos.

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