They Did It Again

The Interdependence Project has posted the second issue of their dharma arts magazine, Sentient City, and once again they’ve published one of my essays. This one is called “What Should I Be When I Grow Up?” It’s a consideration of management as a mystical practice, and unlike the previous essay of mine they published, it isn’t just cobbled together from items I’d already posted here.

In this issue, Sentient City was unable to accommodate some kinds of formatting, including hyperlinks, without which I can no longer write. I strongly encourage you to read the essay, if you read it, at Sentient City (mostly because there’s so much other good stuff there to investigate), but if after having read it there you’d like to dig deeper into any of the ideas, I’ve posted a version with hyperlinks.

3 Replies to “They Did It Again”

  1. I leaped to your essay before reading the second paragraph of your post! Denied links; that’s insane. They could just as well have printed your essay on papyrus than put it up on the Internet.

    Will read your excellent essay again … given the ability to better penetrate its wisdom, in the version you intended.

    I’m becoming more than a little turned off by Ethan and the IDProject, frankly. Somehow, more effort should be focussed on doing right by your essay and less effort should be concentrated on selling Ethan and his book.

    Sorry for being all growlly.


  2. Oh dear. First, thanks for the compliments on the essay. I really appreciate it.

    But I didn’t mean to suggest anything negative about the ID Project. I think hyperlinks are handy, and they’re a potential advantage when writing for the Internet. Yet they can also encourage a sort of laziness. Rather than clearly spelling out the ideas I depend on, I find myself throwing in links to someone else’s writing as a shortcut. I haven’t heard anything from readers one way or another, but I know that when I’m reading anything longish in hypertext, I actually tend not to click on hyperlinks (it disrupts the flow of what I’m reading). Don’t know quite why I assume others will.

    I’m a big supporter of the ID Project. I won’t claim they’re perfect, but they seem pretty responsive to feedback. They’ve put my essay before a larger audience than I’ve been able to gather on my own, and I don’t feel anything but grateful. Unless I’m willing to volunteer to work on Sentient City to get hyperlinks and other formatting enabled (which I would probably be capable of), it wouldn’t be very gracious of me to complain that the people who are volunteering haven’t done that.


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