FAIL! Mood: Pessimistic

I got up a little before six this morning to go to the bathroom, and as I was standing there, I absently touched my left ear, discovering there the telltale crust of resurgent mucosa in my ear “weeping” (as the doctors put it) serum. This indicates that last week’s plan of leaving things to heal on their own has been decidedly unsuccessful. I tried to reach my doctor this morning, but was only able to get the doctor covering for him. After bringing her up to date, and answering repeated iterations of “Did he try…,” we decided that the best thing for now is to restart the drops (which she feels have a very low risk of causing a fungal infection) and check in with my doctor Monday.

At this point I’m guessing that he’ll have to do another surgery, the timing of which, given my upcoming vacation and the need to keep things from getting any worse until the surgery, may be tricky. And I have a new question about the drops. I wonder if, as it’s possible to develop a resistance to the drops, it’s also possible to develop a dependence on them, so that whenever I stop using them things go to hell in my ear.

6 Replies to “FAIL! Mood: Pessimistic”

  1. So sorry to read this, Morgan. As one dealing with a condition, I know how delicately and with what trepidation one steps from one consultation to another. And the frustration of understanding enough of what the doctor explains to make sense of what has happened thus far but not enough to project forward and place all the possible eventualities in balance. I wish you well.


  2. Thanks so much. The good from all of this is that I’ve received all manner of support from folks near and far. It seems to me that that more than makes up for whatever problems I’m having with what at this point is less than a square centimeter of skin. I really appreciate the regular reminders of proper perspective.


  3. Thanks. It does kinda suck. The frightening part is how quickly things went from all but healed to what feels like a raging infection (which, by the way, doesn’t seem to have gotten a lot better after more than a day back on drops). I lost more than three weeks worth of healing in just over three days.


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