Two Down, One to Go

Wednesday, we made the long drive from Provincetown home, and returned to the more grey, more crowded, and definitely more dry city of New York. In the cab home from dropping the car at the garage (one of the joys of car ownership in Manhattan), I pulled the iPhone that was sitting dead in my pocket out and tried to reboot it. Bizarrely, it came on and started working. It grabbed my newest e-mails and the voice mails that I’d missed over the previous week and a half. It even displayed the reminders for the few appointments I’d had during its coma.

Back at the apartment, there was a flurry of unpacking, cleaning clothes, processing pictures, going through mail, paying bills, and the like that ran right up until bedtime. Around 6:00, in the midst of all of this comforting activity of resumption, I decided that the fungal infection had returned to my ear. I’m not quite sure why. It did itch and feel sore and clogged, but this belief might also have been some strange subconscious effort to balance the happiness I felt at the revival of my phone. Whatever the reason, I called the stand-in ear doctor and got an appointment to see her first thing the next morning. And just before going to bed, I found that, in fact, the phone wasn’t working quite the way it should. If I turned it off, it would shut down, and then a few seconds later it would start up again. I kind of hoped this was just a temporary issue, but I suspected I’d have to re-make an appointment at the local Genius Bar. I went to sleep that night thinking I had three things to take care of: See the ear doctor; renew my driver’s license; and get my phone fixed or replaced.

I had a great night’s sleep, in cool, dry air, with all of the windows open and the ceiling fan on, and in my own bed (which actually isn’t that comfortable). Strangely, New York, or at least the corner of it around our apartment, is much stiller and quieter than the center of Provincetown. I was tired when I woke, not from sleeping too little, but from sleeping too deeply. I found that my phone’s battery, on the other hand, was tired from sleeping too little. I’ve since discovered that not only will the phone not shut down, but when I turn the display off when I’m not using the phone, the display will come on a couple of times every minute. I suspect that that’s not especially good for battery life. So I made an appointment at the Genius Bar for Saturday morning, and then headed off to the ear doctor’s.

She was as reassuring and pleasant in my second visit as she had been in the first, and she volunteered that Sam was a “psycho.” I told her I was tired and scared, and that I was sorry to be so anxious, but I’m finding the inability to simply determine what’s happening in my ear maddening. She completely understood and took a look. Not only was there no infection, but the tissue looked to be healing. The only problem she could see was that the powder was caked in my ear. She removed what she could, told me to use it only every other day and to make an appointment with my primary ear doctor (who was now back at work) in two weeks. Now the ear was doing great, and the phone was dead, which of course was preferable to the previous evening’s state of affairs. And I thought, one down (the ear), two to go (the license and the phone).

This morning on the way to work, I stopped at the Department of Motor Vehicles License X-Press office, and found a line much longer than I expected. But in less than hour, I had my license renewed. Well, I had a temporary license to use with my soon-to-expire current license until the renewal is delivered in a few weeks. And then it was two down, one to go. Tonight, I’ll try restoring the phone’s firmware (after I recharge it, since the battery has been depleted in the nine hours since I detached the phone from my computer this morning, after leaving it attached overnight to maintain its charge). If that doesn’t work, I have a 9:30 appointment tomorrow morning with a Genius. How can anything go wrong?

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